QUICKLOADER - One ratchet for all your tie down needs

Quickloader is not just your "ATV tie down", your "boat tie down", or your "do it yourself" tie down. Quickloader will server all your load securing needs.


With Quickloader you do not need to compromise webbing length or break force to get a retractable unit.



Quickloader is the first retractable

tie down ratchet on the market that

has successfully retained the

benefits of the traditional two-piece

tie down ratchet and combined

those benefits with a spring-loaded

easy-to-use roll-up mechanism.


Compared to traditional two-piece ratchets:

  1. Easier to use that the traditional 2-piece ratchet - lower threshold for putting on that extra strap

  2. Reduces time spent on loading and unloading

  3. Longer life cycle - Quickloader Automatically rolls up when in resting position, protecting the webbing from dirt and dust

  4. No loose ends flap in the wind and wear out

Compared to other retractable ratchets:

  1. Improved with familiarity retained- Same locking mechanism and webbing as traditional ratchet

  2. Unbeatable versatility - Design allows for longer webbing and greater strength compared to other new innovations. Not just a "moving ATV tool" or a "Moving furniture tool". Both!

  3. Longer life cycle - Roll-up mechanism makes use of high quality spring steel to secure long life without degradation.