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bullet.jpgTie down your boat

Tie down your quad (ATV)

Tie down your motorbike

bullet.jpgTie down your groupage

Tie down tall cargo

Tie down wide cargo



3d_animatio_mini.jpgQuickloader 3D Animation

A quick introduction in how to use Quickloader.


Revenge of the nerds

A humorous introduction to Quickloader.

mini_truck_video_image.JPGQuickloader Signature Clip

Join us, taking a quick look under the hood.



Quickloader Retractable Ratchet Tie Downs, are available in various lengths, strengths and widths. Quickloader stays as a single piece unit.

The retracting spring mechanism allows the webbing to take up the slack while you load.

After use the easy release lever allows for quick and convenient unfastening of the cargo and the webbing neatly retracts away for easy storage.

Quickloader has a longer handle that pulls down over the spool which allows for greater leverage. Great quality product and quick and easy to use!